Passionate Teen Gives From the Heart

Recently a passionate teen demonstrated to her peers that there is more value in giving than receiving. Full of pride, her mother shares the story with our community to inspire others.

Hi to My Friends at Komen Philadelphia. 

I just wanted to share an amazing story with you. My daughter, Alexa, recently turned 13 and had her birthday party on June 9. 

She was allowed to invite 40 of her classmates. When I asked her what theme she wanted, she responded, “Go Pink! you know, for breast cancer.”

She also said that instead of gifts she wanted the kids to bring donations for your organization. I said, “You want to give up getting 40 gifts?” She said, “Definitely.” 

As you can imagine, my ‘mommy heart’ swelled with pride, so I had to share this with you. Alexa is passionate about finding a cure for breast cancer because her great-grandmother, who she was very close to, lost her 28-year battle with breast cancer this past August.




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