The Race for the Cure Has More than you Think for Kids & Families

Facing her 2nd diagnosis, now with a family to consider, Joanne Beveridge appreciates Kids for the Cure to help everyone with their healing and empowerment.

Race 5-12-2013-058My breast cancer diagnosis has given me the most precious gift in life, my son Tommy. Treatment during my first go-round with breast cancer meant I couldn’t get pregnant, so adoption it was – and along came Tommy! At my second diagnosis, Tommy was old enough to understand  enough, to know something ‘scary’ was happening. He took every step of the journey with my husband and me, and in many ways, he kept us going when we weren’t so sure we could.

When the 2013 Komen Philadelphia Race for the Cure rolled around, Tommy was chosen to be the Kids for the Cure Bucks County Ambassador. At his request, he carried out  the role again in 2014. Seriously, I have to tell you that Tommy seems to LOVE our breast cancer experience! I realize how odd that may seem to some! But, I am so grateful that Komen Philadelphia and I connected way back and got us started on this Race journey! Tommy loves seeing himself on Facebook posts and he is just such a happy kid. He might be young, but he can take pride in knowing the difference he is making.

I am so comfortable with his understanding of breast cancer and his comfort with it…the Race and Kids for the Cure activities are  the perfect way for us to talk about breast cancer in our lives, heal from the challenges and celebrate the victories!  These Race memories are Tommy’s memories, not his Mom’s bald head or the missed soccer games or the laying-in-bed days. He remembers the first Race…he remembers being an Ambassador and truly thinks he will always be one! And I’m sure he will in some way, shape or form for this cause.

Tommy has loved pink since he first starting learning about the cause, and proudly wears his Race shirt, and my Survivor shirt to school often! He even stole my pink sneakers from last year. It’s hard to believe he has grown so much… in body and in understanding!  He even has plans for another Pink Lemonade for the Cure sometime this summer, aiming to top his $500 from Race season! 

Yes, Tommy is adopted, but he is my life. Yes, I battle breast cancer but that is our life.  We’re owning it and thanks to things like the Race and Kids for the Cure, we know how to celebrate it.

 – Joanne Beveridge
Telford, PA

You can still donate to Joanne & Tommy’s Race team, Team Destroyer, by clicking here.

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