TruMark Financial becomes Komen Philadelphia’s first and only Official Champion of High-Impact Fundraising.


After its inaugural involvement with Susan G. Komen® Philadelphia as a local sponsor of the 2019 Komen Philadelphia MORE THAN PINK Walk™, TruMark Financial Credit Union has entered a first-ever partnership with the organization, increasing its support on multiple levels in order to accelerate the mission to save lives and end breast cancer. Over the next two years, TruMark Financial will provide not only monetary but also volunteer support to fuel Komen Philadelphia’s lifesaving work in the community and research funding. In addition, they have already initiated several activities designed to mobilize its employees and members to get involved in heightening awareness and fundraising for the cause. Lastly, as a leader in their industry, TruMark Financial will continue to serve as an ambassador of hope by sharing Komen Philadelphia educational messages among the communities it serves and providing connections that will allow Komen Philadelphia to give women in need access to free breast health services. Given TruMark Financial’s high levels of enthusiasm as a 2019 sponsor and clear passion for saving lives, Komen Philadelphia developed a unique partnership plan that designates TruMark Financial as the organization’s Official Champion of High-Impact Fundraising.

“Last year brought epic change for us when we evolved our Mother’s Day event from the Race for the Cure tradition and introduced the Komen Philadelphia MORE THAN PINK Walk,” said Elaine I. Grobman, Chief Executive Officer, Susan G. Komen Philadelphia. “From the start, TruMark Financial took a leap of faith with us and did so in major ways—especially for a first-time sponsor. It was immediately clear that they didn’t just want to write a check; they understood the importance of activism in saving lives and rallied as many people as possible to get involved and to take ownership of their role in our mission. In 30 years, I’ve never experienced enthusiasm, initiative and nonstop commitment in a sponsor quite like I have with TruMark Financial. So, we knew this year, we had to come up with something even bigger and better—something that would nurture all of our visions.”

“When we first started talking internally, and then with Komen Philadelphia, it was such a natural fit for our values, our employees and our mission in the communities we serve, there was no question we’d get involved,” said Christine Woods, Vice President, Public Relations & Government Affairs, TruMark Financial Credit Union. “In our own family of employees and members, we have breast cancer survivors, loved ones of survivors and, sadly, loved ones of women who lost their battles with this horrible disease. Supporting this cause is the right thing to do, and Komen Philadelphia is the right partner with whom to do it. Our first year of sponsorship was so fulfilling—so empowering for all of us—we couldn’t wait to get started on expanding our involvement for the next several years.”

In 2019, TruMark Financial was a local presenting sponsor of the Komen Philadelphia MORE THAN PINK Walk.

Last year, TruMark Financial took  on the role of Exclusive Sponsor of High-Impact Fundraising, presenter of the TruMark Financial VIP fundraiser tent and sponsor of the Komen Philadelphia Community Mission tent. In addition to these sponsorships, the credit union formed TruMark Financial’s TruPink Warriors, a MORE THAN PINK Walk team of more than 250 members and employees. For several months, the team organized multiple fundraising initiatives and engaged their families and members in activities to rally support for the Komen Philadelphia mission.

“TruMark Financial’s TruPink Warriors team was an amazing community effort that added a whole other dimension of purpose and personal impact to our sponsorship last year,” said Elizabeth Kaspern, SVP, Chief Retail Services Officer, TruMark Financial Credit Union. “Every time we wore a team t-shirt or sold a pink-ribbon lollipop, someone else—a member, a vendor, a family member—would share a story with us about how breast cancer has touched their lives. We not only helped grow awareness and fundraising for Komen Philadelphia, we created a community of support for hundreds of people touched by this disease. It was a beautiful experience we didn’t anticipate—and it is one we look forward to making even more meaningful in 2020.”

Based on the success of their first-year relationship, Komen Philadelphia and TruMark Financial got an early start on working together on an enhanced partnership that would not only involve TruMark Financial in the 2020 MORE THAN PINK Walk, but also integrate them in the Komen Philadelphia mission year-round.

“We have such chemistry, and we knew in 2019 we had only begun to tap into the potential of what we can achieve,” said Grobman. “Our visions, our missions, our devotion to our community all align so perfectly. We’re in such sync that the teamwork doesn’t feel like work at all—we just keep moving forward together.”

As a result, Komen Philadelphia developed a first-ever, custom-designed and exclusive two-year partnership plan for TruMark Financial, which designates them as Komen Philadelphia’s Official Champion of High-Impact Fundraising, from August 2019 through July 31, 2021. The partnership will give TruMark Financial involvement and recognition through all of Komen Philadelphia’s major events and programs, including the 2020 and 2021 MORE THAN PINK Walk, education events, its Pink Tie Ball gala fundraiser and much more, as well as unique opportunities such as networking events for young professionals and recognition events for fundraisers.

“In essence, wherever we are, TruMark Financial will be right by our side,” said Grobman. “And they will be there with a critical message: everything we do, every life we save, every survivor we support, every research breakthrough we fund hinges on our ability to raise money. Yes, having a credit union be the face of our fundraising efforts is an obvious fit. But this partnership is about more than that—it’s about TruMark Financial fully understanding the power of every dollar. It is about them understanding that the faster we can raise these dollars, the more needless deaths we can prevent. By championing high-impact fundraising activities, TruMark Financial is championing an accelerate pace at which we will reach our ultimate goal, a world in which no life is ever again threatened by breast cancer.”

Family Inspiration

Early on in their involvement with Komen Philadelphia, the TruMark Financial family enlisted one of their own, Susan Lax, a consumer loan officer, to help lead the charge against breast cancer. First diagnosed with breast cancer eleven years ago, Susan is now fighting her fourth round with the disease as a metastatic breast cancer “forever fighter”.  Lax’s courage and constant fight—always with the most positive attitude and determination to pay it forward—is widely known within the TruMark Financial community as their inspiration for doing everything possible to support Komen Philadelphia and help end breast cancer. With a rally cry of “your battle is our battle,” TruMark Financial’s TruPink Warriors are eager to step up their activities this year in honor of Lax and all the breast cancer heroes of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

“It’s not easy, but if I wake up every day and am able to come to work, it’s a good day,” said Lax. “I’m stubborn; I’m not giving up. I can’t put into words what it means to me—how strong it makes me—to know that an organization like Komen Philadelphia also refuses to give up. They won’t stop fighting until this disease is gone from our world forever. It’s an incredible feeling to be surrounded by the Komen Philadelphia community and my own TruMark Financial family… to feel this much emotion and people caring. They are my strength, and my goal is that I, too, can give that same hope and empowerment to others facing this disease.”

Over the next two years, Lax and the TruMark Financial family look forward to growing their involvement with Komen Philadelphia and, consequently, their impact on the fight against breast cancer. Before the end of summer, 2019 things were in full swing for the formation of TruMark Financial’s TruPink Warriors 2020 team, special fundraising initiatives, and TruMark Financial’s ramped up activities for the MORE THAN PINK Walk. In addition, this fall TruMark Financial’s support of Komen Philadelphia’s mission and fundraising includes sponsorship of Komen Philadelphia’s Pink, Purple, Strength and Unity Conference for the survivor and metastatic breast cancer community, participation in the 2019 Pink Tie Ball and a special partnership kick-off at TruMark Financial’s Fort Washington headquarters.

“We know what we’ve done between July and September is only the tip of the iceberg of our team’s involvement,” said Vince Market, Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer, TruMark Financial Credit Union. “We learned quickly last year that one seemingly small activity leads to more activities where we, as a company, and our employees, can be a part of creating the change in the fight against breast cancer. Every time we work together to make a difference in our community, we become even more energized.”

“Undoubtedly, our fight against breast cancer gained tremendous momentum the day TruMark Financial said yes to getting involved,” said Grobman. “They are all in in this fight and there’s just no telling how much progress will be made—how many lives will be saved—because of their generosity, hard work and compassion.” 


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