Pink Ribbon of the Month, September: Our Staff

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If ever there is a time to use the phrase “small but mighty,” it is in describing the staff of Susan G. Komen Philadelphia. With just eight full-time members, one part-time, and our CEO, the amount of work accomplished by our staff on a daily basis, as well as yearly, is truly amazing. If you’ve ever met one or more of our staff members, it doesn’t take long to understand how this is possible: what our staff lacks in numbers, it more than makes up for in heart!

It is nearly impossible to describe in words what our staff does day in and day out, they never know what may come their way. While all of them have areas of expertise, they truly operate as a team – pitching in wherever and whenever, doing anything and everything, to advance our mission and SERVE our community.

As a whole, they are all team players… quick on their feet… creative in their thinking… hard workers… professionals… activists… advocates… insightful… compassionate… caring… devoted… and the list goes on and on.  But, punctuating this extensive list must be one overriding quality that fuels all they do, and that is PASSIONATE.

Our staff befriends every person who touches the world of Komen Philadelphia, from volunteers to colleagues, sponsors to donors to grantees, and, especially, the 7.4 men, women and children depending on us to champion their victories over breast cancer. The do it with sincerity, humility and great respect for the responsibilities Staff Photo Aug 2015 for webplaced on their shoulders. On any given day, you can find a staff member answering our office phone, and providing information, comfort, empowerment to whomever is on the other end – no matter if they are simply calling for a brochure, or seeking a light to guide them out of a breast cancer diagnosis.

Most importantly, our staff does all this not because it is their job, but because they truly want to make an impact. They know that people’s lives, and our future, depend on their work. Never do they shy away from the magnitude of it all – ALWAYS they appreciate every opportunity to make a difference.

Finally, in celebrating the Komen Philadelphia staff, we must talk about their utter selflessness. Their work is no nine-to-five job.  Early mornings, nights, weekends, wherever and whenever they are needed in 15 counties, you will find our staff ready to roll. On our Race for the Cure weekend alone, there is no “personal time” for our staff, from 7 AM Friday morning, until about 3 PM Sunday afternoon, their life IS the Race. Moreover, as non-profit staff members, they are not in this job for the “perks” found in most jobs… it is clear, for our staff, the greatest reward – the only reward needed – comes from bettering the lives of the people around them.

And so, with tremendous gratitude, we celebrate the work and passion of the Komen Philadelphia staff with our Pink Ribbon of the Month. We look up to this “small but mighty” group as an example of just how much can be accomplished when talent and capabilities marry with passion and devotion to a cause. And, again, we thank each and every one of them for everyday bringing us closer to finishing the fight against breast cancer.

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