Pink Ribbon of the Month, October: The Dynamic Trio

Kathy Trow performs her first unofficial Race Chair duty - choosing the winner of our raffle at the 2015 Race Volunteer Party!

Kathy Trow performs her first unofficial Race Chair duty – choosing the winner of our raffle at the 2015 Race Volunteer Party!

Granted, most of society is preparing for fall and then a long winter – but three remarkable women in the Komen Philadelphia family have their eyes well past all of that. The sights of Lynne Dudley, Darlene Tansmore and Kathy Trow are riveted on Mother’s Day. And their hearts are set on making our 2016 Komen Philadelphia Race for the Cure the largest success in the event’s twenty-six-year history! These women have taken up the reins as Co-Chairs of the Komen Philadelphia Race for the Cure.

The three women may never have crossed paths in life if not for that one common thread that binds so many – breast cancer. Even on that topic, their reasons for championing our cause vary greatly. Lynne is no stranger to the disease, having lost her grandmother and cousin to breast cancer; those losses were the inspiration behind Lynne’s initial involvement with St. Matthew A.M.E. Church’s Team Healing Hands breast health and breast cancer fundraising… a mission for which she has been extremely involved for more than 15 years. Darlene’s championing of the cause takes its strongest form in her role on the Enon Baptist Tabernacle Church’s Cancer Support Ministry. Her involvement was born when Darlene’s best friend was diagnosed with breast cancer and she promised to be her caretaker and supporter in every way possible; that support has grown into Darlene’s current tireless support in the fight against breast cancer.  As for Kathy, as a Nurse Practitioner for Penn Medicine, women’s health and breast cancer was always something to champion – even more so for Kathy when, after years of advocacy and fundraising, she herself was diagnosed with breast cancer last year.

Despite their many differences in terms of likes and interests, careers and family lives, these women share one mind and heart when it comes to breast cancer that makes Komen Philadelphia 110% confident they will lead a truly amazing Race for the Cure season. Here are just a few of the most notable traits they share, and invest as one “dynamic trio” for our cause…

Lynne Dudley accepts our 2015 Victor Dunnoff Volunteer of the Year Award

Lynne Dudley accepts our 2015 Victor Dunnoff Volunteer of the Year Award

Passion for living the mission of Komen Philadelphia. Not only do these women empower our work by supporting us as fundraisers and volunteers, but they LIVE it every day of their lives through their actions at work, home and ‘play’. Whether it is teaching a class on early detection, driving a woman in need to her doctor’s appointment, inspiring others to lend their support, reminding friends and family to schedule their mammograms or so much more – Lynne, Darlene and Kathy ARE our mission in action!

Leadership. Not one of the women hesitated – for even a split second – when asked to be a co-chair for the 2016 Komen Philadelphia Race for the Cure. In fact, in practically the same breath of them saying “Yes,” they all started presenting viable, innovative ideas to lead our Race community through an amazing four months of Race for the Cure experiences. Lynne, Darlene and Kathy embrace their roles of leaders; they take seriously their responsibility to 7.4 million people looking to them for a successful Race; and, they carry a great respect for every person touched by breast cancer that makes them the very best kind of leaders in this cause.

Fundraising and more. All three co-chairs don’t just “talk the talk,” they realize the importance of every dollar in the quest to save lives, and they rally their communities to help multiply that power. In 2014 alone: Kathy lead Team Trow as a first-time team to capture our Rookie of the Year award and bring in over $7,000 for the Race… Lynne rallied St. Matthew A.M.E. to raise close to $10,000 in 2014 – making them the top faith-based team… and with Darlene’s leadership, Enon’s Race team registered a whopping 227 members (not to mentioned fundraised considerably), making them the largest faith-based team and the 2nd largest team overall!

Race realization. Lynne, Darlene and Kathy have incredible “Race realization,” that is, they have a

Darlene Tansmore accepts our Inspired Activist in the summer of 2015

Darlene Tansmore accepts our Inspired Activist in the summer of 2015

remarkable understanding of what our Race means to each and every person – from the healthcare provider and the volunteer, to the survivor and co-survivor, to the son who lost his mother to breast cancer, to Komen Philadelphia as an organization and the 7.4 million people in 15 counties depending on our Race fundraising to fuel their victories over breast cancer. Their “Race realization” has already begun to translate into powerful ways to help assure each and every person’s, organization’s and community’s Race experience is one that enriches their lives in the most meaningful of ways.

“Kathy, Lynne and Darlene realize the vital importance of every penny we raise this year… as well as the importance of elevating our fundraising over last year,” said Elaine I. Grobman, CEO, Komen Philadelphia. “But equally as important, what makes these three Co-Chairs exceptional is that they understand and believe in every dimension of our Race’s power. They see it not as an event, but as an experience full of celebration and sorrow… hope and mourning… an honoring of the past and excitement for the future. They somehow focus equally on the financial necessities of fighting breast cancer and the emotional realities of one person in one moment in time trying to survive it.”

And so, it is with much gratitude, excitement and celebration that we welcome the “Dynamic Trio” of Lynne Dudley, Darlene Tansmore and Kathy Trow to our prestigious group of Race for the Cure Co-Chairpersons.

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