Pink Ribbon of the Month, Nov. Scott Rothenberger & PLACE

Memorial GardenA loving man with big ideas and an even bigger heart to make it all happen! These are some of the words we use to describe Scott Rothenberger and  his place in our Komen Philadelphia family.

Most of the Komen Philadelphia community was introduced to Scott and his team at PLACE just about a year ago, when they transformed Vie into a top-to-bottom, front-to-back, Thailand fantasyland for our 2014 Pink Thai Ball. Then, this past October Scott and the PLACE team once again turned Vie into a mythical, enchanting sea of hope for our Pink Tide Ball. In between the two, with great love and appreciation for every person touched by breast cancer, Scott created an amazing stage for the 25th Celebration Komen Philadelphia Race for the Cure. The stage altogether became the hub of the day’s celebration, as well as a place for reflecting on the beauty of our singular mission, and for honoring those who have lost their lives to breast cancer but leave us all legacy of courage and determination.

For every project, Scott donates all materials, time and talent – and what great talent flows from the PLACE team!  If you’ve experienced being in the midst of a Scott Rothenberger custom-Komen “atmosphere,” you know why we never refer to it as mere décor, or call him just a decorator! The moment Scott and his associates, Jennifer Baro and Jill Leiser, sat at our table to discuss getting involved in the work of Komen Philadelphia, we knew something truly special had come our way. They were committed to our cause. They believed in our mission. And they were NOT interested in doing a job… they looked at our events as an opportunity to use their art in order to bring light to the lives of others.

SR Race 2015It is this same spirit that in 2010 spawned Scott’s original creation, the Sandy Neiman Cancer Memorial Garden that to this day continues to thrive in Boyertown, PA. Its beauty and revitalization make it an award winner, but to Scott, as he tells us, the greatest award he could ask for is knowing that this creation of his has become a community garden where anyone can go to remember, honor and celebrate all those touched by cancer.

Indeed, our breast cancer cause is personal to Scott, as it is to so many. 
Whether he is elevating our gala’s vision to the next level, picking the perfect pink centerpiece for an intimate educational discussion, participating in a monthly Pink Tie Ball committee meeting, or, as he has done over and again, simply writing a check to help us save lives, Scott does so because he wants to make an impact on lives touched by breast cancer.

“Scott is an amazing artist whose creations truly move you,” said Elaine I. Grobman, CEO, Komen Philadelphia. “You just get the feeling that he hand-picks every flower with a particular person in mind… and creates his Pink Tide Ball Decor copy 2masterpieces with an eye toward empowering the world to believe in the cures. Yet, he is incredibly humble… honored to be able to use his talent to contribute to the success of our fundraisers and to bring smiles to the faces of everyone united in our fight.”

“I know Scott is a very busy business owner. But when he’s with Komen Philadelphia, you’d think ours was the only job on his schedule and that we were paying him a million dollars!” said Grobman. “That right there says it all about his compassion for all those touched by breast cancer, and his devotion to ending this disease in our lifetime.”

And so, it is with great gratitude and pleasure that we award our Pink Ribbon of the Month to Scott Rothenberger and his team at PLACE. We thank them for brightening our lives – and empowering our mission – every day with their generosity.

Photos (top-bottom):
– The Sandy Neiman Cancer Memorial Garden.
– Scott and Jen Baro experience their first Komen Philadelphia Race for the Cure as a member of the sponsor family on Mother’s Day 2015.
– An original, oceanic Pink Tide Ball display created by Scott Rothenberger and his team at PLACE, serves as the preferred backdrop for photo opportunities for guests

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