Pink Ribbon of the Month, May: Darlene Tansmore

This summer, Komen Philadelphia will officially honor Darlene Tansmore with our first-ever Inspired Activist Award. From the moment Darlene first heard the name, “Susan G. Komen Philadelphia,” her support has been larger than life. Her desire to help all men, women and children facing the shadows of breast cancer has served as a guiding light on a journey of hope and healing for her faith community at Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church… for her professional community at the Law Firm of Levy, Baldante, Finney, Rubenstein, Cohen & Chizmar… for her friends and family… and for pretty much anyone and everyone Darlene encounters just going about everyday life.

As the name of our new award implies, Darlene’s activism for our cause – as well as for every person depending on the Komen Philadelphia mission – amounts to much more than her doing a good deed. It comes from deep within her heart and her soul. It is driven by her faith in the cures, and her faith in the goodness of the God who gives, guides and nourishes all life.  In other words, every action Darlene takes to help us fight breast cancer is truly inspired!

So many attributes define how special Darlene is to our fight, and to the future of all women. No matter what she is doing to advance the breast cancer movement, it is done with exemplary purpose, devotion and humility. Moreover, as mentioned above, what is truly unique about Darlene is her dedication to integrating her spiritual inspiration with her get-it-done activism. In fact, we consider Darlene’s inspiration and actions to be so intertwined, that they are inseparable… creating a truly powerful force that has helped raise tens-of-thousands of vital dollars for the cause, and embraces millions in the hope of survival.

Be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. 
Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against evils.”

IMG_3156 Enon copyDarlene lives by this scripture from Ephesians, and it truly shows throughout the story of her breast cancer activism. Her compassion for our cause came about when her best friend, cousin and confidant, Audrey Drummond, was diagnosed with breast cancer.  At that moment, Darlene made it her mission – indeed she made it a promise – that she would be Audrey’s caregiver and support her in any way necessary. That promise (much like the promise made by Nancy G. Brinker to her sister, Susan G. Komen) was just the beginning for Darlene, who continues to this day to grow her support for all women.

Darlene makes one of her greatest impacts in the fight to end breast cancer through her many activities with the Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church Cancer Survivor’s Support Ministry. Through the Ministry, Darlene strengthens Enon’s support of Komen Philadelphia – and, especially, our annual Race for the Cure. Just some of Darlene’s influences in this vital partnership include: helping organize amazing performances by the Enon Trinity Drum Line at the Race; encouraging women to attend our Sisters for the Cure program and other outreach events; and co-captaining a Race team that, over the past seven years, has raised more than $10,000 to help finish the fight against breast cancer. Moreover, under Darlene’s leadership, the Enon Race team in 2014 was one of our largest, with more than 280 registered team members.

As one with the Enon Cancer Survivors Support Ministry, Darlene and other Ministry activists also complement the work of our organization and Community Grantees with outreach programs of their own. Year-round, the Ministry supports those in need in anyway necessary, providing support, awareness, education and spiritual guidance. And you can be sure, Darlene is front and center, helping to enrich and save lives throughout our community.

For all that Darlene has done through the Enon Cancer Support Ministry and its Komen Philadelphia Race for the Cure team… as well as the individual, personal acts of kindness she makes every day to strengthen our fight…  we proudly recognize her with our May Pink Ribbon of the Month. And we thank her for doing all she does for our cause with the selflessness of a best friend, the inspiration of a woman of faith, and the activism of a true humanitarian.


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