Pink Ribbon of the Month, July: Our Susan G. Komen Family

2015 Komen Leadership Conference, Dallas, TX

2015 Komen Leadership Conference, Dallas, TX

This month, Komen Philadelphia recognizes and expresses our tremendous appreciation for our entire Susan G. Komen family – from Komen National Headquarters in Dallas, to every one of our 114 sister affiliates across the country and around the world!

Having spent the past several months looking back on our own twenty-five-year Komen Philadelphia Race for the Cure history, we can’t help but see the role our Komen family has played in the progress we’ve achieved here in our own community. If ever there was a time to say, “we couldn’t have done it without them,” it is now!

Of course, Komen Philadelphia wouldn’t exist if not for the Komen National organization – but what we’re talking about goes so much deeper, and includes a great deal of behind-the-scenes support many people never see or know about. Every day, seven days a week, Komen Philadelphia’s affiliate support team at headquarters is available to us… to offer advice and guidance… to give us access to resources that prevent us from tapping into our own local dollars… to provide brand support that gives a incredible “fuel” to advance our mission locally… to keep us in touch with the latest news in breast cancer, as well as the latest tools for carrying out our work to save lives… to provide continual opportunities for us to tap into national partnerships to grow our local fundraising… and, to work hand-in-hand with Komen Philadelphia to assure every single penny you give to us is invested with integrity and in the best possible ways for research as well as vital services.

There are also the many special assets Komen National brings to our Komen Philadelphia community that everyone does experience – the magic and memories provided by Matt Goss at our 25th Celebration Race for the Cure, for example! From Matt’s participation on Race day, to appearances by top Komen leadership at events like the Pink Tie Ball, Komen National headquarters adds to our mission – and our success – in so many ways, too many ways, to name.

Then, in the Komen family, there are our sister affiliates – and “sister” is quite the appropriate term to use! Komen affiliates across the country really do look out for each other, show true love and dedication to each other’s success, like sister to sister. As sisters we talk and share… we provide support in challenging situations and celebrate victories… we unite in one voice when looking for change… we rally when one sister is in need, and inspire the whole to push ahead every day… we respect each other’s individualities while at the same time constantly grow the power we have as one affiliate community to lead, and finish, the fight against breast cancer.

Our Komen affiliate sisterhood is truly selfless, not just in the name of the millions we serve in our respective communities, but in the name of helping each other succeed. Every year, we gather at headquarters for the Komen Affiliate Conference – and each of us walks away truly empowered and energized by what we’ve learned from each other. We have the opportunity to see what is working for others, and bring that back to our own communities. Komen Philadelphia also gets to share what has worked for us, and takes great pride in offering our experience and learning to our “sisters.” Together we build powerful strategies based on experience and a shared passion for saving lives.

Beyond the national conference, our affiliate sisterhood is active and supportive 365 days a year. Komen Philadelphia is part of an affiliate regional group that meets several times a year for more sharing of best practices, outlining of needs and development of action items to advance strategies to meet those needs. And, again, we are part of a 114 member group the gives to each other openly and with a singular focus on service. From sharing creative for dynamic e-mails, to sharing contacts that can help maximize resources and everything in between, the Komen affiliate sisterhood is invaluable to Komen Philadelphia, and makes an impact that can be felt in our community every day, by every person!

And so, Komen Philadelphia proudly adorns our Komen family – our “parent” at headquarters and our sisters – with our Pink Ribbon of the Month. We thank them for all they do to support our work locally, and for giving us the opportunity to be part of the global movement that is ending breast cancer.

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