Pink Ribbon of the Month: Fred Stein & The Creative Group

Fred & Elaine, 1991 the first Komen Philadelphia Race for the Cure

As Komen Philadelphia dives into our milestone 25th Celebration Race for the Cure, we naturally look back on the influence of those extremely special activists who helped launch our vision, expand it, and commit to seeing our fight through to its ultimate finish! Fred Stein and his team at the Creative Group rank right at the top as one of our most devoted, influential supporters. And, in fact, “supporter” doesn’t do Fred justice – as, his contributions form a keystone… a pillar… a vital part of all that we have been, have become and will become as leaders in the fight to end breast cancer.

A true visionary in the breast cancer movement, Fred was a star visionary in every milestone of Komen Philadelphia’s history… leading the way twenty-five years ago as one of the first to fully invest himself professionally and personally in the Komen Philadelphia Race for the Cure.

Fred’s involvement with the Race started with a simple request from a friend, who at the time was head of the advertising/PR firm representing the Race. Fred recounts how the conversation went, “This event really needs some help, Fred… oh, and by the way, they have no money.”  The rest, as they say, is twenty-five years of history of Fred side-by-side with Komen Philadelphia, saving lives and empowering generations for a future where every woman has a hope-filled chance of surviving breast cancer.

“My life hadn’t personally been touched by breast cancer at the time. I wasn’t looking to further the business’s charitable initiatives,” said Fred Stein, Executive Producer for The Creative Group. “But before the end of that first Race, it was Elaine Grobman that endeared my to the Komen mission… Elaine, the first Race Co-Chair, Phyllis Roseman, and a small but mighty group of women whose commitment and loyalty to fighting breast cancer was unlike anything I’d ever experienced.”

Fred takes a few seconds from presenting an amazing 2014 Pink Tie Ball to say special guests Ahmeenah Young, and Mrs. Tom (Frances) Wolf

Fred takes a few seconds from presenting an amazing 2014 Pink Tie Ball to say special guests Ahmeenah Young, and Mrs. Tom (Frances) Wolf

In 1991, Stein took the first step in a journey that would forever change his life… and the life of the Komen Philadelphia community. He became the first – and only – event planner and coordinator for the Komen Philadelphia Race for the Cure. Soon to follow that first Race for the Cure in Philadelphia, Fred jumped into the Komen Philadelphia mission with both feet… and coming with that were his event-planning ingenuity, creativity, leadership, passion… as well as the resources and “man power” of his event-planning team at the Creative Group.

In addition to creating a truly exciting, first-class event for our Race for the Cure every year, Fred has been “the mastermind” behind every year of our gala Pink Tie Ball, as well as the production and planning leader of our annual education events, survivor celebrations and support events, thank-you parties and more. As past Komen Philadelphia Board Member and current Board Vice-Present, Fred’s generosity and passion impacts every Komen Philadelphia initiative.

Fred is a man entrusted with everything from the celebration for the 200th anniversary of our country’s constitution, to the 200th anniversary of Mobile, Alabama…his team has staged over 2,500 major special events across the country, and even internationally for corporations and governments. And always, Fred gives Komen Philadelphia the same level of passion and attention as he does his top clients. We once tried to quantify the amount of time, money and effort Fred invests in his year-round contributions – but it truly is beyond measure.

 “On ‘paper,’ Fred and the Creative Group must donate well over $40,000 every year in work and resources,” said Elaine I. Grobman, CEO, Komen Philadelphia. “But there is no price that can be put on Fred’s passion and constant availability and willingness to get involved, invest in our mission, and power our progress.

Simply put, Komen Philadelphia would not be the force we are today without Fred’s complete and utter dedication, resourcefulness and generosity. He has been with our organization — with all women of our community — every step of the way. He believes in the dream and will not stop until a world without breast cancer is a reality. 

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