Pink Ribbon of the Month, March: St. Matthew AME Church

Team Healing Hands, St. Matthew AME

Team Healing Hands, St. Matthew AME

For March, we make a Pink Ribbon of the Month presentation of inspiration and appreciation to St. Matthew A.M.E. Church. The St. Matthew community has made a great impact on our fight against breast cancer through their passion, activism and outreach… so, much so that there is no way to measure to value! The church’s missions for its own community as well as our Komen Philadelphia community are driven by unwavering faith and determination, intertwined to form what we consider the foundation of Komen Philadelphia’s “Faith Community Force.” That is, through their activities early-on in our fight – activism that has been consistently growing year-round –St. Matthew A.M.E. not only makes a difference in their own right, but they “lead by example,” inspiring many other congregations to do the same.

So many attributes of St. Matthew’s activism – at exceptional levels – merit recognition and thanks. Their passion not just for the cause, but for embracing all people in their outreach… women, men, children… survivors, co-survivors, caregivers and those never diagnosed. Their determination to remove barriers and build bridges to quality care. Their focus on friendship, on assuring no person is ever alone in their cancer journey. Their sense of responsibility, entrusted to them by their higher power, to humanity… to give to those in need, to comfort those facing adversity, to nourish lives physically and spiritually.

Moreover, along with these many strengths, what also makes the St. Matthew community’s activism for the cures so powerful is their individuality in terms of approach and inspiration. 

St. Matthew A.M.E. Church
Team Healing Hands, as a faith-based body, and more specifically a part of the A.M.E. Church, has the responsibility to provide educational and Spiritual resources to the community. 

The impact St. Matthew “Team Healing Hands” has been making on our fight against breast cancer dates back to 2000, when they first formed a team for our Komen Philadelphia Race for the Cure! Team Healing Hands was captained by a breast cancer survivor, Rose Mapp, until its current captain, Lynne Dudley took over the leadership in 2012.   St. Matthew took action to  channel the Team Healing Hands momentum as a Komen Philadelphia Race for the Cure Team and, through, personal and congregational efforts, the Race Team Healing Hands has raised approximately $10,000 over the years to support our Race their activism is Race for the Cure-centric, but far from Race-season-limited! That is, the St. Matthew Healing Hands ministry is a year-round force in the fight, carefully integrating fundraising with awareness, education and other forms of outreach. Moreover, they focus on embracing everyone, with initiatives including breast cancer awareness seminars, as well as these innovative programs:

  • Breast Cancer Awareness Health Fair: includes panel discussion and free mammogram sign-ups for those who are eligible. The event takes place Saturday, April 11 at the Church. Get Details
  • “Men for the Cure Cook-off” Race team fundraiser: Men cook to show their culinary skills, and passion for the cause! 2015 event will take place Saturday, March 21 at the Church. Get Details
  • “Walk for Me” campaign: team members who are physically able to walk in our Race participate on behalf of those who are unable. 

No matter what they are doing to empower the Komen Philadelphia mission, enrich and SAVE lives… St. Matthew A.M.E. ALWAYS does it with exemplary purpose, devotion and humility. To both congregations, the greatest reward is giving, nurturing, healing… and for this, we thank them, and count them among our most cherished blessings.

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