Pink Ribbon of the Month, December: Jay Roberts Jewelers

Jay Golde; Marcia Golde; and Jake Spigelman.

Jay Golde; Marcia Golde; and Jake Spigelman.

People get many things out of supporting and being involved in the mission of our Komen Philadelphia Community. Fulfillment. Pride. A warm heart. Friendships. Empowerment. But the gentlemen of Jay Roberts Jewelers – Co-owners, Jay Golde and Jake Spigelman – get something truly unique… something so special that we chose to make it the focus of this Pink Ribbon tribute: PLEASURE.

You may be thinking, “Wait. What? Fighting breast cancer brings these men pleasure?” While it may seem counterintuitive to mention “breast cancer” and “pleasure” in the same breath, if you ever met Jake or Jay in the context of supporting our cause, you’d see how very appropriate it is!

“I remember the first time Jay and Jake donated an item for a fundraising auction. When I thanked them, I was surprised to hear them say, ‘It’s our pleasure’,” said Elaine I. Grobman, CEO, Komen Philadelphia. “I don’t think I ever heard that from a donor before, but I looked in their eyes… and you know, that’s exactly what I saw! In both of them, their eyes had a sparkle that could only be described as pure pleasure in contributing to the greater good.”

 “It’s must be five years later now, and, you know, I see that same sparkle every time Jay and Jake make another commitment of support or are somehow involved with the Komen Philadelphia community… from donating a $10,000 necklace for auction, to helping drive up the bidding at our Pink Tie Ball. The pleasure in their eyes and in their smiles is sincere, special and truly inspiring.”

The gentlemen of Jay Roberts Jewelers find pleasure in knowing of the many levels on which their contributions will make an impact.
From the husband who ‘wins’ a stunning pair of diamond earrings for his wife at the Pink Tie Ball live auction, to the boost of energy their generosity gives Komen Philadelphia staff and volunteers, to the power researches gain from our fundraising, to the potentially life-saving resources a woman may receive and the inevitable hope that embraces entire families facing breast cancer… Jay and Jake truly enjoy touching lives while at the same time moving our mission forward.

Necklace“You can just tell, when we’re discussing an idea or donation from Jay Roberts, Jay and Jake are thinking ahead to all the people whose lives they can touch with their contribution. And usually after this reflection, they up the ante in order to widen their reach! These two men truly get it… they have an amazing ability to integrate their professional resources and personal passion to propel us forward in this fight!”

Moreover, believe us, in a little less than five years, Jay Roberts Jewelers HAS made quite an impact! Through their in-kind contributions, Komen Philadelphia has raised approximately $500,000 for the cause. Plus, there’s no measuring how much additional fundraising they have inspired through their donations of incentive and ‘thank-you’ gifts for Komen Philadelphia fundraisers.

While, of course, the dollar value of their activism is vital to our mission, so is the example Jay and Jake set for all of us – giving isn’t a responsibility, it a privilege and a pleasure! For all they do to not just support, but to propel our mission… for their extreme generosity and energy for always wanting to do more… for their devotion and action to save lives… we thank Jay Roberts Jewelers and proudly honor them with our Pink Ribbon of the Month.


Pictured (top): The sparkle is evident in three pairs of eyes at the 2014 Komen Philadelphia Pink Thai Ball as Jay Roberts Co-Owners take pleasure in being part oft the activism: Jay Golde; Marcia Golde; and Jake Spigelman.

Pictured (bottom): The dramatically gorgeous, $27,600  Y-Diamond Necklace donated by Jay Roberts Jewelers was the talk of the 2013 Pink Tie Ball live auction and boosted fundraising considerably!

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