Pink Ribbon of the Month, April: Our Board of Directors

Last month, Komen Philadelphia marked the 14th anniversary of our founding as an official Komen affiliate – and as everyone knows, this Mother’s Day we celebrate our 25th Celebration Komen Philadelphia Race for the Cure. As we find ourselves in the midst of these historic milestones, we feel it’s only appropriate to stop and applaud the Board of Directors whose leadership brought us to this point, and who are getting us poised to drive the next quarter-century of progress in the breast cancer movement!

Our Board of Directors is definitely one of those “quiet but mighty forces,” in our fight against breast cancer, mostly working behind the scene to allow the spotlight to shine on the community and all the activists who support and empower the work of Komen Philadelphia. This humility and desire to elevate the work of every individual contributing to the cause comprise one reason we honor the Board with our Pink Ribbon this month.

Another point of honor is the tremendous investment of time and resources every Board Member makes to the leadership, growth and power of Komen Philadelphia. At a moment’s notice, the board is available to handle an unexpected situation, approve use of funds, advise on a critical new policy or help get the word out about important Komen Philadelphia news. 24/7 our Board is ready and willing to tap into all kinds of personal and professional resources – from social networks to professional contacts – to assure Komen Philadelphia is able to be reactive AND proactive in order to serve our community in the best, most effective ways possible.

We also recognize the Komen Philadelphia Board of Directors for the great weight they bear on their shoulders. From setting new policy that best advocates for all communities, to helping decided on grantee selection and distribution of Komen Philadelphia Community Grant Program funding, and so much more – this board is in charge of hefty decisions that impact the short-term as well as the future of our organization, the breast cancer movement and individual lives. Always, they embrace their responsibilities wholly… with integrity and a very deep understanding of and respect for the needs of the people we serve.

Finally, we recognize our Board for being “one of us.” While our Board does serve in a leadership position, has much authority over our organization, and takes on great decision-making responsibility – each member ALWAYS is true to his and her roots first and foremost as a member of the community. This is why you’ll see them at every Komen Philadelphia event – participating as one with all of you! This is why you’ll find them all listed amongst the registrants for the Komen Philadelphia Race for the Cure. This is also why you’ll see them fundraising, and find their names on the list of donors throughout the year. Stated another way, our Board puts their action where their leadership is! Never do they consider their role as only making decisions and leading… each one of our fifteen Board Members takes seriously their role as a volunteer, an advocate, a supporter in YOUR breast cancer movement.

Simply put, the Komen Philadelphia Board of Directors are like angels on all of our shoulders. They are looking out for us as an organization… for YOU as an individual on a personal breast cancer journey… for all of us united as one community on a quest to finish the fight against breast cancer. And so, for their selfless giving, their confident leadership and the incredible power they give all of us united in the fight, we thank them from the bottom of our heart:

  • President: Ron Harper, Esq.
  • Vice President: Fred Stein
  • Treasurer: Ron Morris, CPA
  • Secretary: Judy Kellem
  • Member: Harris T.  Bock, Esq.
  • Member: Stephanie Capaccio
  • Member: Marc. S. Cohen, MD
  • Member: Rabbi Jerome P. David
  • Member: Denise DiSimone
  • Member: Leon Levy
  • Member: Melissa Ludwig
  • Member: Donna M. Massanova, CPA
  • Member: Sue Schick
  • Member: Sloane Six
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