Komen Philadelphia Honors Fox Chase Cancer Center’s Dr. Richard Bleicher

2020 Jamie Brooke Lieberman Award presented to Richard Bleicher, MD, FACS
Fox Chase Cancer Center.
Professor, Department of Surgical Oncology;
Leader, Breast Cancer Program;
Director, Breast Fellowship Program

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Komen Philadelphia CEO, Elaine I. Grobman makes a coronavirus-safe presentation to Dr. Richard Bleicher.

Despite pandemic-driven delays presenting a larger public celebration, this August Komen Philadelphia and the Lieberman family proudly honored Dr. Richard Bleicher with the 8th annual Jamie Brooke Lieberman Remembrance Award. First presented in 2013 a few months after Jamie lost her battle with Inflammatory Breast Cancer, the award remembers the life and upholds the legacy  of this courageous young woman. From the moment she was diagnosed Jamie was relentless in fighting not only for her own life—but for the lives of everyone who was fighting or one day would be fighting breast cancer. 

Each year the Jamie Brooke Lieberman Remembrance Award is given to a physician in the local community who embodies the unique spirit of Jamie and goes above and beyond to continue her legacy as a tireless crusader in the fight to end breast cancer—especially in initiatives to empower young women, advance game-changing research and to bring the disadvantaged the same advantages as women of means, regardless of where she lives, how she lives or her faith, appearance or culture.

Komen Philadelphia and the Lieberman family—Jamie’s parents, Carole and Jules and her brother, Josh—chose Dr. Bleicher for this award for many reasons. Chief among them is described by Komen Philadelphia, CEO, Elaine I. Grobman.

“The fact that every day—whether he is filling a professional role in a lab coat and scrubs, among family and friends, or braving the wind and rain at our MORE THAN PINK Walk—Dr. Bleicher is attacking breast cancer from every angle,” said Grobman. “He is working day in and day out relentlessly to not only save every life entrusted to him and those beyond his reach, but to ensure the best quality of life after a breast cancer diagnosis.”

Time and again, Dr. Bleicher not only advances the missions of Komen Philadelphia and of Jamie, but he defines those missions.

“Dr. Bleicher looks at the progress we’ve made so far and asks,  what we can do even better?” said Grobman. “Then, he goes to work to lead the charge—with determination and altruism, with professionalism and compassion, with hard work and love… with 360 vision that leaves no opportunity unturned, and no woman or man left behind.”

Jamie Brooke Lieberman

With Jamie as their inspiration and our guide, the Lieberman family started the Jamie Brooke Lieberman Inflammatory Breast Cancer Foundation. The foundation is how the family makes sure her legacy lives on and that they honor her life’s work by taking the lead in pursuing the cures. The Liebermans also honor her life by presenting with Komen Philadelphia the annual Jamie Brooke Lieberman Remembrance Award.

“There is just no stopping Dr. Bleicher when it comes to this fight—he values every life tremendously and equally,” said Carole Lieberman. “Dr. Bleicher channels all of his knowledge and experience into a lifelong career focused on bringing everything together to save each life entrusted to his care while also working for the greater good. When we considered all of this, plus so much more about his two decades of work with Komen Philadelphia in the fight to end breast cancer, tears came to our eyes. They were joyful tears because we knew how happy Jamie would be to see the 2020 Jamie Brook Lieberman Remembrance Award in the hands of Dr. Richard Bleicher.”

“I’m humbled to be honored with this award in memory of Jamie Lieberman and the important struggle she fought for,” says Dr. Bleicher. “It has always been my privilege to work on behalf of tens of thousands of women faced with this disease in the hope we can make a difference and develop a cure. In my work  promise the Lieberman family I am going to make Jamie proud.”


About Dr. Richard Bleicher
Dr. Bleicher is a breast cancer surgeon and clinical researcher at Fox Chase. He serves as the director of the breast fellowship and leader of the Breast Cancer Program at Fox Chase. He also sits on the board of the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers and the Quality Improvement Committee, which sets quality measures for breast cancer. Bleicher is one of four breast surgeons who sits on the Commission for Cancer’s Operative Standards Committee and is the vice chair for the Society of Surgical Oncology’s breast fellowship programs for the U.S. and Canada. Read more here.


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