Komen Philadelphia Expands Service Area to 15 Counties

Map-region-twoJanuary 2012 – We are proud and very happy to announce that Susan G Komen Philadelphia’s request to expand our service to include Adams and Lebanon Counties, PA was recently approved by Komen National headquarters.

Susan G. Komen Philadelphia officially expanded its service area to include Adams and Lebanon Counties in Pennsylvania. With the additional counties, Komen Philadelphia now services fifteen counties: eleven in Pennsylvania, three comprising the entire state of Delaware, and Camden County, New Jersey. 

Komen Philadelphia’s expansion initiative was motivated by the fact that the two new counties previously had no Komen representation, a measurable need for breast health services in many communities in the counties, and a steady growth of Komen Philadelphia resources allowing them to provide the new counties with the same quality of services they’ve been delivering to the other counties for years. When Komen Philadelphia was founded in 2001, they served eleven counties, excluding Kent and Sussex counties in Delaware, which were added a few years later.

“Komen’s mission, success and leadership are founded on a single promise from one sister to another to not stop until every person is living free from the threat of breast cancer,” said Elaine I. Grobman, CEO of Komen Philadelphia. “As a keeper of that promise, Komen Philadelphia has a responsibility to do whatever we can to fill the gaps of service and embrace as many communities as possible in the support, knowledge, treatment and hope that can save lives today and lay the foundations for a future where this horrible disease is no longer a threat to ANY life.

“Komen Philadelphia has been fortunate to be able to nurture a very loyal core of supporters whose growing generosity and volunteerism enable us to expand our service to Adams and Lebanon Counties. This steady source of resources, our headquarters location, the fact that we already have established connections and have been serving neighboring counties for over ten years, and our proven programs make us the natural organization to step up and meet the need for breast health services in these two counties. We are confident that we can do so with the same level of support and integrity as the other thirteen counties.”

Statistics show that more than one-third of the women living in Adams and Lebanon counties are not receiving recommended breast cancer screenings. Currently approximately 8% of women aged 18-64 in the Affiliate’s expansion communities lack adequate health insurance to cover breast cancer screenings/treatment, and approximately 37% of women over 40 years of age have not had a mammogram in the past twelve months. The Komen Philadelphia Affiliate’s service will focus heavily on decreasing the barriers to breast health screenings and care for women in need through partnerships with local health care providers and the Komen Philadelphia Community Grants Program. They will also focus on overall breast cancer/health education in the new counties, including the importance of early detection, risk factors and immediate action should an abnormality be detected.

Komen Philadelphia also looks at the expansion to Adams and Lebanon County as strategic geographical positioning, giving them more exposure in proximity to the state capital in order to facilitate advocacy of enhanced breast health and breast cancer policy. A dedicated supporter of the Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program in Pennsylvania (The HealthyWoman Program), which relies on state funding, Komen Philadelphia hopes to have more opportunities to advocate for the expansion of HealthyWoman by having a greater presence in the Harrisburg area.   

“Last year, we estimated approximately 100,000 Pennsylvania women in need of a mammogram did not have access to one -this was in addition to those who DID thanks to HealthyWoman funding and the Community Grants Programs of the three Komen affiliates in Pennsylvania. There’s no question more funding is needed, as well as more education, more awareness and the infusion of the HOPE that is so critical in fighting and surviving breast cancer. Our expansion into these two counties is one more giant step forward to this goal.”


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