Komen Philadelphia Announces New Race Co-Chairs

Jamie (left) and Jodi just before they were introduce as new Race Co-Chairs at our 2017 Thank You Party

Komen Philadelphia is thrilled to introduce our community to Jodi Krawitz and Jamie Krakow—as our new Co-Chairs for the 2018-2019 Komen Philadelphia Race for the Cure! For years, Jodi and Jamie have been relentless activists and fundraisers for our mission, each one pursuing her own unique and powerful course of making an impact. Now,  they graciously take on even greater responsibility as Race Co-Chairs. We know under their leadership our Race will reach new heights, and our mission will drive more lifesaving work for generations to come. 

Jamie Krakow, Center City Philadelphia

Jamie has been a member of the Komen Philadelphia team since the 1990s when she first took her daughters, Devin and Jessica, to the Race for the Cure, inspired by a KYW public service announcement about the perilous odds women face of contracting breast cancer. Jamie’s daughters, now 27 and 25, have been with her at almost every Mother’s Day Race and, since her marriage in 2006, they have been joined by Jamie’s husband, David. 

Over the past 20+ years, Jamie has become increasing involved in the Komen Philadelphia Race for the Cure. What started out as her being a Race participant quickly ballooned into her taking on a variety of volunteer roles, including her recent dual role as Chair of the Chapman Auto Stores new-car raffle and Registration Co-Captain. Moreover, Jamie has been one of our Race’s top fundraisers for many years.  All of this, along with Jamie’s passion and dedication—which is experienced by everyone in her presence at Komen Philadelphia events, meetings and other gatherings—positions her as a natural choice to take on the myriad challenges of a Race co-chair.

“Jamie is a natural choice to help Komen Philadelphia realize our strategic and monetary goals for the year ahead,” said Elaine I. Grobman, CEO, Komen Philadelphia. ‘We are lucky and proud to welcome her to this vital role—she is a motivator, a go-getter and you cannot help but follow her energy!” 

Jodi Krawitz, Hatfield, PA

With a paternal grandmother having died of breast cancer, and cancer having a presence on both sides of her family, Jodi was no stranger to the disease when she had a routine mammogram on her birthday in 2010. Still, when that mammogram eventually led to her breast cancer diagnosis, Jodi felt her world stop for a few moments. That world-stopping moment occurred again in 2015 when a mass was found in her other breast. Through it all, Jodi became known to close family and friends for her “spunk”… for taking each bit of bad news in stride and with the confidence that “I will not go down.” That spunk became the basis of “Team Spunky’s Hope”, a top-performing team for the Komen Philadelphia Race for the Cure that first participated in the Race in celebration of Jodi in 2011. While Jodi was an avid Race fundraiser, her attitude and level of involvement took a major change in 2015 when she walked into the Komen Philadelphia office, saw the surroundings, and met the staff and CEO.

“I was shocked to see how bare-bones the office and the staff were… shocked because out of so little resources come such game-changing things in the fight against breast cancer,” said Jodi. “And to experience the passion—in Elaine, in the staff and few office volunteers—I couldn’t help but be motivated to do more… to do my part in educating the community about  where their money goes and the lives being saved every day.”

After that one visit, Jodi was “in it for the long haul.” She immediately began volunteering for year-round initiatives, she stepped up the fundraising and awareness programs of Team Spunky’s Hope, and she began to host several of her own fundraisers. By 2016 Jodi had signed on to a brand-new role with Komen Philadelphia, “Team Captain of Captains for the Race for the Cure.” Once again, Jodi found time and resources to do more for the organization, 24/7—she became a team mentor and driver of team fundraising programs. and a media spokesperson for Komen Philadelphia, all while continuing to lead her own Spunky’s Hope to top-tier fundraising achievements. 

“Jodi is a dynamo, there is no other word for it,” said Grobman. “Anything you ask, she’s there to do it—and half the time you don’t even have to ask… she’s knocking on my door saying, ‘let’s do this to bring in more dollars.’ Every day she demonstrates how grateful she is to be a survivor, and every day she strives to increase her survivor sister and brotherhood.”


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