Local Facial Cosmetic Surgeon Feels the Need to Do More to Help All Women

By Timothy Greco, MD, FACS, facial cosmetic surgeon

Dr. Timothy Greco

Breast cancer is diagnosed in one in eight women at some point in their life, and often is discovered too late. The importance of regular mammograms for women over 50 cannot be stressed enough. Breast cancer is a devastating disease that hits so many close to home, including myself.

At least two of my own patients were diagnosed with breast cancer and sought my advice and guidance. Most of my patients are women, so I’m willing to believe there are even more that I didn’t know about. They were not the first two cancer patients I had encountered, but they were the first two I wasn’t exactly sure how to help. I directed them to the surgeons, oncologists, and radiation specialists I thought would give them the most comprehensive and therapeutic care possible. Thankfully, both women were successfully treated, but I still felt the need to do more.

That is why, every October I started donating annually to Susan G. Komen® Philadelphia. Countless lives have been saved by the work this organization has performed. Among other vital services, they fund thousands of free mammograms every year, as well as breast cancer diagnostic, treatment and support services for our neighbors in need, and they contribute substantial dollars to research.

Walks, donations, community involvement, and looking out for your friends and loved ones go along way.

But cancer will not go quietly into the night. Organizations like Komen Philadelphia that are responsible for research and care are leading the way in the fight to end this disease. In my 30+ years in medicine, I have seen an incredible advancement in screening techniques and identifying specific breast cancer markers, which is crucial in giving an accurate prognosis and effective treatment.

Komen Philadelphia cannot do it alone. They need you to walk, donate, get involved, and help any way you can. The worldwide fight against breast cancer has come so far, but there is still significant work to be accomplished. Together we can defeat breast cancer. United we stand, divided we fall.

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