Komen’s Bold Goal Gives Us the Hope a Cure is on the Horizon

Komen Philadelphia Community Ambassador, Jeanette Stephens-El, Reacts to Komen’s New “Bold Goal”

jeanette_img_2217-webI am thrilled to hear that Susan G. Komen for the Cure has launched a new initiative – to reduce breast cancer deaths in the U.S. by 50% by 2026, with $27 million targeted for addressing the “appalling” difference in death rates between African-American and white women. 

As a survivor, an African-American woman with a sibling who just passed from metastatic reoccurrence and another continuing her fight (in Detroit – one of the 10 major cities on Komen’s high priority list), I know how necessary it truly is for improvements to be made in treatment.  Having lost a cousin a couple of years ago here in Greater Philadelphia, and and now experiencing her daughter in the midst of her own battle, our family doesn’t have the luxury of putting it off or waiting patiently for a cure – we need it now! 

Shifting the focus to lethal forms of breast cancer by the world’s pioneer breast cancer awareness advocate and leading champion for advances in treatment and research gives us hope that a cure is on the horizon.  I want to be able to walk toward that sunrise with all my sisters – literally and figuratively, knowing that we have defeated this disease and our daughters and granddaughters won’t be forced to endure its threat. 

With Komen’s initiative, there is a beacon of light at the end of the tunnel that will lead us to a very bright future: a world free of breast cancer. 

– Jeannette Stephens-El

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