In Loving Memory, Jamie Brooke Lieberman

Susan G. Komen Philadelphia fondly remembers an extraordinary friend in our cause, Jamie Brooke Lieberman, who lost her valiant Jamie-BLbattle with inflammatory breast cancer in the spring of 2012 at the age of 35. 

Words cannot express the extent of the love and condolences with which Komen Philadelphia embraces Jamie’s family. Our sincerest wish is that all her loved ones each day find a little more light from the tremendous hope and radiance embodied in the life and legacy of their daughter, sister, friend…  Jamie Brooke Lieberman.

Jamie was an exceptional activist with Komen Philadelphia – helping us to better understand the needs of young women facing breast cancer, joining forces with us to generate awareness and educate all generations, and fundraising with a relentless passion for the cures. We will be proud to keep Jamie’s legacy alive and thriving in our community – as well as in our work to eradicate this horrible disease – by establishing our annual Jamie Brooke Lieberman Remembrance Award. Through this award, we not only honor Jamie’s life and activism for the cause, but we hope to inspire others to remember that there is always a reason to be hopeful… there is always an ability to fight… and that there are always beautiful souls such as Jamie’s dedicating themselves to assuring that no one is ever alone in the breast cancer journey.

We will be honored to present the first annual Jamie Brooke Lieberman Remembrance Award to her parents, Jules and Carole, at our 2013 Komen Philadelphia Race for the Cure Kick-Off Party in February. Certainly, Jamie’s strength to confront this beast with such grace and dignity is a testament to the love and courage of her family – love and courage for Jamie, as well as for every woman, parent, brother and sister facing breast cancer yesterday, today and tomorrow.

So vibrant even in the grips of a deadly battle, so selfless and dedicated to making a difference for all generations, Jamie, we are confident, would not want her fellow breast cancer fighters to mourn her passing from this life. And so, instead we encourage you all to continue to draw on her spirit to celebrate the victories achieved and find strength to empower those to come. We are humbled to call Jamie our friend, and to carry on her extraordinary efforts.


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