In Loving Memory

In Loving Memory of All Those Who Continue to Inspire Us

Susan Komen Philadelphia is proud to remember these individuals who have touched our hearts and left an indelible impression on our breast cancer movement, as well as on so many other philanthropic pursuits in our community. We encourage you to be inspired by the stories we share on this site and, together, perpetuate their legacies of kindness and good works as we carry out the Komen Promise.



Some of the most joyful moments along our community’s journey to a world without breast cancer are our celebrations of members of oursurvivor family. Happily, these occasions grow ever more frequent as we continue our quest to the cures.

At times, we are also called upon to honor a life that has passed… a life that has made a profound impact on our breast cancer movement. And, while we do so with a degree of sorrow, at these times we also celebrate – for a life that is remembered with happiness and thankfulness is never completely lost. 

Just as we consider our namesake, Susan G. Komen, not a victim, but a survivor of breast cancer whose spirit lives on in the heart of each Komen activist, we look upon each person who has gone ahead not as lost but as constantly by our side – their spirit and their past shaping our present and our future.

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