Young Survivors & The Big Pink Footprint

Big Pink Footprint logoOur Big Pink Footprint (BPF) initiative includes educational, support and social events designed to connect young survivors with their peers and give them the resources to boldly make their mark as strong, determined women on the breast cancer movement. To learn more, write to

Our Mission

To create a community of support, friendships and breast health resources that empower women diagnosed under the age of 40 to live full, confident lives after breast cancer. 

Our Community

Komen Philadelphia builds a community in which breast cancer survivors who were diagnosed under the age of 40 can support each other, as well as be supported by “the power of Komen.” We also work to support young survivors as they pursue life after breast cancer, as well as during various stages of their treatment programs.

Through BPF activities, we leverage our depth of breast cancer resources—ranging from healthcare professionals, breast cancer specialists and researchers, to life coaches, psychologist and advocates—to to help young survivors meet the unique challenges that exist everywhere from the workplace and social groups, to within their own families and the healthcare community.

Our Approach

The young survivor community is full of women and men who time and again demonstrate that they are More Than Pink™. They courageously face their own diagnoses and dedicate extensive time, resources and heart to bring strength to others like them. Komen Philadelphia has made these survivors co-leaders in shaping the Big Pink Footprint program, structuring events and embracing as many young survivors as possible in the program.

Our Activities

  • Educational empowerment events
  • Social events offering opportunities to support the cause
  • Intimate group gatherings for support and sharing
  • Team participation in the Komen Philadelphia Race for the Cure
  • Opportunities for young survivors to share their stories and inspirations through media, social media, blogs, etc.
  • Sessions with Komen Philadelphia leadership

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