Metastatic Breast Cancer Initiative

Our promise: making the metastatic breast cancer community one of our very top mission priorities—expanding resources, amplifying your voice, empowering change to improve quality of life for every MBC thriver.

A new study out in June 2017, (which was a collaboration between the National Cancer Institute, the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and the Metastatic Breast Cancer Alliance (MBCA), of which Susan G. Komen is a founding member), estimates there are now 154,794 women living with metastatic breast cancer in the U.S. This is likely due to the aging of the U.S. population and improvements in treatment.

Komen Philadelphia is focused on ensuring that our support for the metastatic breast cancer (MBC) community reflects the new dynamic of your world—integrating the support, knowledge and professional care you need to face daily challenges with the resources and opportunities for empowerment that translate into a higher, sustained quality of life.



As part of our mission and commitment to individuals living with MBC and the loved ones who support them, we offer you the following list of resources.

Education and information

Empowering your fight through advocacy and public policy

Peer connections and support

Research funding

Komen invests more than 2/3 of our research grants to address metastatic breast cancer. as of 2018 that includes more than $194 million funding more than 480 research grants and 50+ clinical trials focused on MBC. Driven by our funding, researchers are identifying the genes causing metastasis, developing new therapies for treatment, discovering new ways to predict risk and detect MBC earlier, and more. Learn more about what’s happening in .Komen-funded MBC research and trials



To use every resource available in fighting to help the MBC community be heard and endure, while accelerating research to find the cure.

Our Community

Our MBC initiative embraces men and women living with the disease as well as the close loved ones and caregivers who walk every step with them. The MBC community we continually expand also includes experts in the MBC arena ranging from oncologists, specialists and other healthcare providers, to top researchers and advocates.

Our Approach

Everything we do to serve the MBC community is guided by an MBC advisory panel made up of women living with the disease as well as several patient caregivers. We strive to establish trust with these women so they have the confidence to bring us into their lives. Then we learn in great depth about their goals and challenges. Guided by these learnings, we build our MBC initiative on four pillars of service:

  • Amplifying the voice of those living with and advocating the MBC community.
  • Helping strengthen the resolve and ability of those diagnosed with MBC to face the ongoing challenges of their disease.
  • Driving change in the breast cancer community to bring the MBC community out of the shadows and into the breast cancer conversation.
  • Presenting ongoing opportunities for the MBC community to shape the Komen Philadelphia mission.

Our Activities

  • Regular Metastatic Breast Cancer Engagement Meetings. Contact Elaine for details. 
  • Intimate group gatherings for support and sharing
  • Opportunities for those living with MBC to share their stories and inspirations through media, social media, blogs, etc.
  • Sessions with Komen Philadelphia leadership

Metastatic Breast Cancer Advisory Committee

We thank these dedicated women for sharing their insights as members of the MBC community and investing their time to help us advance our initiative: Anne Connors (Delaware County), Jacqueline Fisher (Philadelphia), Aida Ingram (NJ), Felicia Johnson (Philadelphia), Debby Madiraca (NJ), Paula Mascali (NJ); Kelly Murphy (DE)



  • Contact us: If you or a loved one is living with MBC, learn more about our initiative by contacting Elaine at or 215-238-8900.
  • Click here to add your name to our MBC Events & Update mailing list so you can receive event invitations as well as other updates.
  • Help grow the community: Please tell MBC patients you know about our MBC mission. Share on social media or refer friends to us.


Komen Philadelphia is proud to support the work of It’s About Time, a campaign that, since 2015 has been encouraging metastatic breast cancer patients and their families to share their stories in an effort to build broader understanding of this disease, as well as the need for more research dollars toward treatments and a cure. The campaign also aims to elevate the voices of patients who serve as their own health care advocates, and encourage leaders to support policies that help these patients more easily access the best care and treatment available. In 2018, It’s About Time added the voices of other metastatic cancer patients–specifically, ovarian and prostate cancer–because they all face similar challenges and heartaches when it comes to accessing care and treatment. Learn more, share your story, be inspired by others’ stories, and discover additional ways you can make a difference:

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