Educational Events

In addition to breast health education provided through our year-round outreach activities and initiatives of our grantees, Komen Philadelphia presents free, larger-scale events designed to empower the community with:

  • Topics covering everything from Breast Cancer 101 basics, to in-depth discussions on research and clinical trials to the latest advances in metastatic breast cancer treatment and survivorship issues.
  • Specialized empowerment programs—both large-scale and more intimate settings—for breast cancer survivors and individuals living with metastatic breast cancer.
  • Peer support for co-survivors and those who have lost loved ones to breast cancer sharing the stories of their journeys, as well as group discussion.
  • Opportunities for those in need to sign up for free mammograms and, if required, talk to nurse navigators about financial assistance for other diagnostics and treatment.

Nearly two decades ago, Komen Philadelphia blazed a trail in breast health education by presenting events for at-risk populations that were customized according to language as well as cultural beliefs, traditions, healthcare practices and barriers to breast health.

We continue to maintain our offerings of culturally aware education. However, the progress made in awareness of key breast cancer issues as well as the growth in the survivor community has driven us to, at times, unite all populations in universal events that both educate women and men and increase their power over breast cancer.

Upcoming Educational Events

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