Grantee Impact: Drexel University / Hahnemann Hospital

Amanda M. Woodworth, MD and Lauren Davis, MPH, CBPN

Drexel University/Hahnemann Hospital has been a partner of Komen Philadelphia for more than 26 years.  In August, 2016 Drexel welcomed a new Executive Director of the Breast Health and Wellness Center, Dr. Amanda Woodworth. Dr. Woodworth brings an exciting new energy to the breast program at Drexel. 

Dr. Woodworth has already made herself a presence in the Philadelphia community, for she lives and works in Philadelphia and has been attending health fairs on weekends to promote breast health. Having a breast surgeon out in the community explaining to women that if they are over the age of 40 they need to have an annual mammogram is so important as it offers a clear message from someone they can know and trust.  We are very excited about the energy Dr. Woodworth brings to the program, and look forward to the great things to come at Drexel with her direction.        

Under Dr. Woodworth’s leadership Drexel opened the new “Breast Health and Wellness Center” in Center City Philadelphia in first quarter 2017.  It is be a joint venture of Drexel School of Medicine and Hahnemann Hospital. This new center is unique in that it focuses on early detection of breast cancer and other diseases of the breast, offering a more holistic approach to cancer detection, treatment, care, and recovery. Treatment is individualized to the patient’s disease and lifestyle, and patients, family members, and close friends play an active, important role in forming treatment plans, strategies, and recovery programs. Drexel plans to offer a multitude of support systems to address the needs of patients at this multidisciplinary breast center.

In addition, Drexel is unveiling 3D Mammography that allows women with dense breasts to get a clearer image. This allows for breast cancer to be caught earlier, and helps catch more cancers than traditional mammography. 

The work Dr. Woodworth is doing includes minimally invasive and cosmetically appealing surgery, as well as the treatment of the patient’s mind, body, and spirit. In addition, she focuses on the latest cancer research in an effort to assure the best treatment options and outcomes. The Drexel/Hahnemann partnership allows Dr. Woodworth to bundle talent, technologies, and facilities to best meet patient needs quickly and cost effectively.

The innovation taking place at Drexel is in line with the mission of Komen Philadelphia to reduce late stage breast cancer diagnoses by 10% by the year 2021. This is one of many reasons Komen Philadelphia is  so excited to be working with Drexel.

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