Grantee Impact: A Year of Services 2016-2017

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Komen Philadelphia’s Community Grants Program recently concluded a highly successful year of service, which ran from April 1, 2016 through March 31, 2017. During these 12 months, the grantees funded by Komen Philadelphia completed more than 16,861 comprehensive breast health services, encompassing the specified services listed below. More than just a list of how much was done, these services represent your support of Komen Philadelphia in action—making an impact on thousands of lives in 15 counties! The impact comes in many shapes—from literal lifesaving support to providing education that empowers and access to resources that instills greater confidence in survival.

From April 1, 2016-March 31, 2017 Komen Philadelphia Community Grantees provided the following for women and men in need:

  • Educational services: 7,500
  • Screening mammograms: 5,922
  • Diagnostic mammograms: 830
  • Breast ultrasounds: 542
  • Navigation services: 493
  • Mammogram referrals: 391
  • Clinical breast exams: 288
  • Diagnostic ultrasounds: 280
  • Language interpretive services: 214
  • Breast consultations: 175
  • Breast biopsies: 82
  • Temporary gap funds: 71
  • Transportation services: 60
  • Diagnostic tests: 34
  • Survivor supplies: 22
  • Genetic tests: 3
  • Breast film consultations: 3
  • Breast aspiration: 1

As you can see, our Community Grants Program is about much more than providing “free mammograms”. The program takes a comprehensive approach that motivates women to come in and get screened, and supports them at all stages to ensure that should they have a suspicious mammogram or be diagnosed, they will have continuity of care, never be alone on the journey and have the best possible chance of survival.

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