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The Susan G. Komen® Advocacy Alliance (KAA) is the non-partisan voice for over 2.5 million breast cancer survivors and the people who love them. Our mission is to translate the Komen promise to end breast cancer forever into action at all levels of government to discover and deliver the cures. 

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A breast cancer survivor talks about the importance of advocacy

Pennsylvania has done a lot in the fight against this disease. The state’s has a program, HealthyWoman Program (HWP), which provides free breast and cervical cancer early detection services to low-and moderate-income women who are either uninsured or underinsured. Unfortunately, the budget alloted for HWP has shown in past years to serve fewer than 10 percent of the women who are eligible for its life-saving services.

Advocacy, especially at the grassroots — meaning each one of us making our voice heard — is the key to raising awareness of the unnecessary disparities in breast cancer care. The more breast cancer survivors, activists, elected officials and healthcare professionals can come together… the more state funding we can obtain to fund key programs like  HWP… the more we can close the gaps existing between women in need and the early detection services that can save their lives.

Surviving breast cancer should never have anything to do with what color skin you have or how much money you make. I urge all Pennsylvania residents to include advocacy in their personal breast cancer missions. — Lorelei McGlade.



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