I am the Cure


This inspiring program is:

  • A breast health program from Susan G. Komen that teaches people simple steps they need to know to take charge of their breast health.
  • Our rallying cry, encouraging women to take an active role in their breast health.
  • Emotional, memorable and motivational

That’s what I AM THE CURE is. But, how does it work? Through 3 simple steps anyone can – and should – take:

Plus, don’t forget about three fun, special ways you can participate in the Komen Philadelphia Race for the Cure as a member of the I AM THE CURE Volunteer family.

I AM THE CURE encourages people to become educated about breast cancer, understand that being aware is the first step in that process. It specifically speaks to the importance of early detection as the best defense against the disease, and provides simple, action-oriented messages that you can remember, take home and put into use… right now and as part of your everyday lifestyle



The I AM THE CURE philosophy is much like daily affirmations – the more often you hear a positive idea, the more strongly you believe in it, and the more likely you are to act on that idea to better yourself, your health and your life!

In the case of I AM THE CURE, the affirmation is just that … YOU are very much a part of the universal cure for breast cancer. Defeating this disease for good requires everyone taking the necessary steps to be aware and practice early detection. I AM THE CURE encourages you to not just hear these messages, but to BELIEVE them and ACT on them. 

To get started, review, practice and repeat the four I AM THE CURE rally cries below. And be ready for next Mother’s day, because I AM THE CURE really comes to life at the Komen Race for the Cure – we can’t wait to hear you! Plus, have fun sharing these with your loved ones and ‘chanting’ together:

  • See your doctor, learn your risk! I AM THE CURE.
  • Get mammograms and breast exams! I AM THE CURE.
  • Notice changes to your breasts! I AM THE CURE
  • Start the fight by living right! I AM THE CURE.

Be Inspired: Visit IAMTHE CURE.org to hear others practicing these chants, as well as to share you own.



As they say, actions speak louder than words! So, while we know you’ll be chanting your I AM THE CURE affirmations loud the next step is to put those words into action!  I AM THE CURE offers the following action items to help you follow through on each chant:

1. See your doctor, learn your risk!

  • Talk to your family doctor about your family health history
  • Talk to your doctor about your personal risk of breast cancer

2. Get mammograms and breast exams!

  • If you are at higher risk, ask your doctor which screening tests are right for you
  • If you are at average risk, have a mammogram every year starting at age 40
  • Have a clinical breast exam at least every three years starting at age 20, and every year starting at age 40

3. Notice changes in your breasts!

  • Know how your breasts look and feel, and report changes to your healthcare provider right away

4. Start the fight by living right!

  • Make health lifestyle choices that may reduce your breast  cancer risk, such as: maintain a healthy weight, add exercise to your routine, limit alcohol intake

Take Pride: Visit IAMTHECURE.org to be part of an interactive community of I AM THE CURE participants sharing their progress, supporting each other and energizing the breast cancer movement.



I AM THE CURE education is nothing like the learning you typically think of. There is no classroom, no studying and no books to read. Instead, I AM THE CURE education is interactive, fun and so natural, you may not even be aware you’re absorbing so much knowledge. Throughout your involvement with I AM THE CURE,  you will acquire important breast health education that just doesn’t just reside ‘in your head’, but inspires your actions and helps you make healthy choices. 

Get Started: Visit IAMTHE CURE.org to test your knowledge and discover other breast health & cancer facts you need to know.



I AM THE CURE offers you a very unique and fulfilling way yo empower hundreds-of-thousands of people at the Komen Philadelphia Race for the Cure (or other Race events around the country). Opportunities exists at the Race for I AM THE CURE Booth Volunteers, Rovers and Cure Leaders. 

Discover your Role: Visit IAMTHECURE.org to view videos on each volunteer opportunity.


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