Passionately Pink

Passionately-Pink-2014Ignite your passion to save a life

If you ever donned a pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness or baked pink cupcakes to sell in your office break room, chances are you are a perfect candidate to be a Passionately Pink fundraiser. In fact, chances also are, if you knew then what you are about to discover now about Passionately Pink you could have increased your awareness- and fund-raising factor many times over! 

Passionately Pink really does make it that easy to turn your idea into an opportunity for others to experience your passion and, together, empower great things for the breast cancer movement.




Developed and administered by Komen, you can think of Passionately Pink as your all-in-one resource for any fundraiser and awareness raising initiative you’d like to do in support of the Komen mission, that is not open to the general public. Just a few minutes is all it takes to register your fundraiser for Passionately Pink… and by doing so, you gain access to a treasure of tools and resources to help assure your success, including:

  • Planning Kit
  • Online Team Center, where you can share your story, promote your fundraiser, receive donations, recruit support and more
  • Posters, flyers, invitations & other communications templates
  • Corporate matching gift information – you could double your fundraising!
  • Breast health educational materials


Once you come up with your idea, your Passionately Pink fundraiser may take on a wonderful life of its own – growing into something that is perfectly suited for your personal mission in the fight against breast cancer, and embracing more of your friends, colleagues and loved ones along the way! In fact, most Passionately Pink team captains find themselves sharing the fun and fulfillment with several “co-captains” as everyone gets swept up in how easy and fun it is to make a difference.

1) Make sure this is right for youpenniesforthegirls

If you have an idea for an event that will be open to the public, involve corporate sponsor and/or more complex event planning, it may be more suitable for a 3rd-Party Fundraiser than for Passionately Pink. Explore our Frequently Asked Questions about Komen fundraisers to make sure you are pursuing the right program. 

2) Be inspired

Having trouble coming up with an idea? Check out examples of how others have gone Passionately Pink to get your juices flowing. 

3) Discover how easy it really is

Explore the Passionately Pink website to discover all the great tools and support available to you. 

4) Register & have fun

Once you turn Passionately Pink, you’ll never go back!  We look forward to having your fundraiser be part of the Komen fundraising activities going on worldwide… again and again.



In addition to all the resources on the Passionately Pink website, Komen Philadelphia will be happy to support your efforts with educational materials or guest speakers. Please call 215-238-8900 or submit your request to


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