Host a Third-Party Fundraiser

A Third-party Fundraiser is typically one held by a company or organization which is open to the public. Because of this, it requires a Letter of Agreement (L.O.A), minimum guaranteed donation and an insurance certificate with Komen listed as an additional insured. What follows are guidelines for these types of events. If you are hosting a personal or non-public fundraising event, please visit our general fundraising page for information and ideas.


Third-party Fundraiser: How it Works 

1) You develop your idea for the fundraiser in your workplace, community, school, etc., then share it with Komen Philadelphia via our Guidelines and Application document, which must include statement of a minimum guaranteed donation (determined by you). The majority of parties applying for 3rd-Party events are businesses/companies.

2) Komen Philadelphia will review your information and if your plan is approved, will generate a Letter of Agreement (L.O.A.) to be signed by you and Komen Philadelphia. All events advertised to the public using the Komen name require advanced approval.

This L.O.A. is required and outlines the details of the event. A guaranteed minimum donation amount is also required for use of the Komen Philadelphia name and/or logo. We may also be able to include your event in one of our communication channels, such as our online events calendar, e-newsletter and Facebook.

Certainly, we and all the communities we serve in the fight against breast cancer are sincerely appreciative of your devotion and efforts to raise funds to help empower our mission. However, in some rare cases, a 3rd-Party application will not be approved if we feel it does not uphold the integrity of the Komen name, or is not in the best interest of you and the community. If this occurs, we will make every effort to explain to you why and give you the opportunity to re-structure your fundraiser to meet the criteria.

3) The final step is to obtain a certificate of insurance for your event that meets the criteria described in the Guidelines.


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