Dietz & Watson Pretty In Pig

PIPZimmermansplumbingPretty In Pig turns spare change into huge impact in the fight against breast cancer!

The Pretty In Pig program, sponsored by Dietz & Watson, uses five larger-than-life piggy banks that travel around our service area, as well as thousands of standard-size banks, to raise funds and awareness. Pretty In Pig fundraising is so appealing because it emphasizes that anyone and everyone can make a difference—one penny at a time!

Fundraising with a Larger-Than-Life Piggy Bank

Large Pretty In Pig banks (like the one shown here) are approximately 5’ tall and have slots for donors to deposit coins and bills. If you are hosting a high-traffic event—whether it’s a breast cancer event or another type of public gathering—talk to us about borrowing one of these eye-catching fundraising powerhouses! If you have a safe place to house a pig overnight, you can also have one to display for several days at a time.

 Pretty In Pig Piglets

Pretty In Pig desktop banks are also extremely popular for fundraisers. Place one or several around your office, place of business, school, etc., so that anyone can contribute to your fundraising. Once it’s filled up, you can send the money to us and fill it up again and again!


Inquire today about putting Pretty In Pig to work for your fundraising initiative by contacting Elaine at 215-238-8900 or

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