Fundraisers demonstrate they are More Than Pink™ by taking extra steps to not only raise money for our cause, but to also bring others in the community into the Komen Philadelphia mission.

However, fundraising doesn’t have to take a year of planning or months of hard work. You can make an impact by simply organizing a neighborhood garage sale or selling holiday pies in your office break room. Or, you can go all in by organizing larger events such as golf tournaments or dance-a-thons.

Before getting started, check out these fundraising options and resources to help spur your creativity and support your efforts.

Fundraiser Innovation of the Year—Great Ideas for Anyone!
Looking for fun and effective ideas to support our fight to end breast cancer? Check out this photo album showing how American Computer Estimating (ACE) did it. Their “Penny Wars” program crushed it, raising nearly $8,000 and giving every employee meaningful ways to give back to the cause.

Ways to Fundraise

Resources for Fundraisers

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