Why Donate?

Take a minute now to see just HOW much Komen Philadelphia has been empowered to do – in this community and beyond – because of support from people like you. Take a look at this colorful “Where the Money Goes” guide outlining our in the past year, as well as our achievements in the past quarter-century.

Every day… right here, right now… you can see your donations at work to advance the Komen mission. Up to 75% of net funds raised by Komen Philadelphia stays in our 15-county service area, making a difference through the work of the organization and our grantees with education, early detection,  treatment and support.  The remaining 25% goes towards the Komen Grant Program to help fund critical breast cancer research.


Ways to Donate

Recurring Donations: Enjoy the Convenience & the Impact!

Choosing to make a recurring donation is a great way to support the fight against breast cancer on an ongoing basis without the hassle of having to make separate donations every time you wish to empower the cause. When you make a recurring donation, you can choose the amount and the frequency – or opt for one of our suggested donation amounts and frequency of donation. Then, your credit card is automatically billed according to the parameters you set. Get started now, and rest assured you’re helping us save lives continuously! 

Shop to Donate

You can generate donations to our cause just by shopping for what you need, want & enjoy. You don’t give an extra penny, but you do give hope! Check out these three ongoing, easy ways to make an impact:

Other Donation Opportunities

Dollar by dollar, one life at a time, the Susan G. Komen Philadelphia family is changing the face of breast cancer in our world through education, outreach, screening and treatment for women in need, as well as through support and research. Small, medium or large, every donation counts – and is counted on by millions of women and their loved ones. 


How Much Impact Can one Donation Make?

As a guide, the following services can potentially be funded for women in need through the Komen Philadelphia Community Grants Program with the money indicated:

  • $50: one clinical breast exam
  • $125: one mammogram
  • $1,000: one round of Taxotere chemotherapy
  • $2,500: two life-saving chemotherapy infusions



United Way Gift Designation

You can designate your gift to the United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania and/or Delaware to support Susan G. Komen Philadelphia. This is a great way to give us the extra boost we need in these financial times… so we can empower even more women in need, especially the uninsured and under-insured. Simply include the appropriate designation below when making your contribution to the United Way:

  • United Way of Southeastern PA: 5129796
  • United Way of Delaware: 11600
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