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PinkBin Ongoing Recycling for the Cause

July 01, 2014 - July 01, 2015 | 9:00 AM


Multiple Locations Throughout our 15-County Service Area

International Recycling Group (IRG) offers our entire community a creative way to support the fight against breast cancer, without donating a penny! Plus, at the same time you'll be helping the environment as well as others in need across the country and around the world. PLUS, you can clear out some of the used household items cluttering up your attic, basement, garage...

It's a win-win-win-WIN opportunity and it's available to you now through July 2015 - so feel free to take advantage of it and support the fight against breast again and again.

How it works

Fifty PinkBin pink recycling bins (like the one shown here), will be placed in shopping centers and similar parking lots throughout Komen Philadelphia's 15-county service area. You can use these bins to donate used clothing, shoes, toys, and household goods you no longer need. 

A percentage of all profits from recycling items deposited in the pink bins will be donated to Susan G. Komen Philadelphia, with IRG pledging a  donation of at least  $500 per month.

Even if you can't give money right now to support our local breast cancer movement, this great program allow you to still do your part by donating your unwanted 'stuff'. IRG will then turn it into much needed revenue. A win-win situation for all - You, Komen Philadelphia, our Community, our World, our Environment!

Current Pink Bin Locations in the Komen Philadelphia Service Area

  • Manchester, PA - Chester Square Shopping Center (Near Rose's and McDonald's): 4215 N. George St.
  • Manchester, PA - Manchester Shell Kwik Mart:  4345 N George Ext St.
  • York, PA -  Whitecombs Produce Inc.:  2410 Roosevelt Ave.
  • Dover, PA - Hake's Grocery:  898 E. Canal Rd.
  • Spring Grove, PA - Spring Forge Shopping Center (In front of Kennie's Markets): 440 N. Main St.
  • Weigelstown, PA - Walgreens:  3180 Carlisle Rd.
  • Weigelstown‎, PA - Sherry's Soft Serve Ice Cream:  3096 Carlisle Rd

More bins being added! Check back here or for more information contact IRG at 253-720-8809

About IRG

International Recycling Group (IRG) is an environmentally conscious Company, partnering with non-profits, united in our mission to achieve zero waste. Together, we recycle your donations of used apparel and household goods, adding much needed revenue to our non-profit Partner's bottom lines, as well as affording people in need the opportunity to afford these items, in the United States and in developing countries around the world. This unique symbiotic relationship allows us to eliminate these items from the landfill and put them to use where they are needed most. Reuse, Recycle.

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