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Hua Mulan: One Night Performance and Mission Fundraiser

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Be Captivated by the Story of the Most Powerful Female General in Chinese History.

A story filled with inspiration for our own breast cancer movement, Hua Mulan takes you through an emotional and empowering journey of a young girl who, unlike other traditional Chinese girls, choose not to wait at home for an arranged marriage, but instead enlisted in the Army as a replacement for her aging father. 

For one special performance at Philadelphia's Merriam Theater, the Liaoning Ballet brings to life the adventures of one of China's most renown female heroes in a unique, memorable interpretation of the legend told through modern ballet and music.

Purchase tickets using promo code: PINK to receive a 10% discount. Liaoning Ballet will also donate that 10% you saved  using the promo code to support the work of Komen Philadelphia. 


Prepared to be Wowed! More about this incredible performance of Hua Mulan

Prepared to be wowed by the visually stunning, artistic acrobatic, and beautifully choreographed ballet rendition of the Chinese classic Mulan (Hua Mulan). Introducing Liaoning Ballet of China to Philadelphia with their original production, featuring one of the most famous hero in ancient China. Hua Mulan is a historic role model, especially for Chinese women... read more here.


About Liaoning Ballet
Liaoning Ballet is one of the most famous ballet ensembles in China. Established in 1980, the company has dedicated over 35 years to producing new Chinese cultural works while also performing beloved ballet classics. In addition to the professional company, they have also built the Chinese School of Ballet Art for developing dancers.


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