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Continuing Your Journey of Discovery—Through Every Life-Changing Experience

August 12, 2020 | 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

This is a free online engagement developed specifically for our survivor and metastatic breast cancer community.

REGISTER HERE NOW—then Invite your peers and join us on August 12 for a unique experience that will shape your life-long journey of self-awareness, discovery, confidence and fulfillment.

Join your peers in the survivor and metastatic breast cancer (MBC) community for a professionally guided session exploring the transformational dynamics of a breast cancer diagnosis, the evolutionary nature of your journey and the ways your own self-awareness can lead to a well-rounded you.

Our session leader is one of the best in the field of professional impression and relationship management, has led a number of women-in-partnership seminars and authored several books on topics of women in business and female self-care. 

Karen Kaufman, MSOD
The Kaufman Partnership, Ltd
President and CEO;
Executive Coach, Consultant and Keynote Speaker;
Specialist, Impression and Relationship Management


Continuing Your Journey of Discovery—Through Every Life-Changing Experience

You've often heard—or, perhaps, said yourself—that the moment a woman hears "you have breast cancer," her world stops. But that is not the case for long. From that point on life goes on, and being a survivor or MBC thriver becomes a part of who you are. Just how big a part depends on you—and it most likely waxes and wanes as you move through treatment and life after, or living with, breast cancer. Integrated with breast cancer in shaping your unique self are all the roles you embrace—mother, partner, career woman, sister, advocate, neighbor, daughter and so on—and the impact of experiences that determine how you navigate through life. 

So how do you manage all these influences without losing a true sense of yourself? How do nurture your willingness and ability to discover new aspects about you and desires for your life? How can you embrace every life-changing experience as an exciting part of your personal growth and evolution?

These are some of the questions Karen Kaufman will help answer by leading an open discussion with you and your peers during this engagement. And, by the end of it all you'll come to understand that there is no right or wrong way to nurture self-awareness, as long as your process takes you on a journey that you—and you alone—can accept, be confident in, feel good about and draw on for personal growth.

Highlights of our hour together will include:

  • Peer sharing. Several survivors and thrivers offer insights on how much or little breast cancer contributes to their "definition of self" as they move further past their diagnoses, from one year to 25+ years.
  • Who are you? The group will discuss roles and influences other than breast cancer that need to be honored as part of defining and evolving your true self.
  • Self-awareness and self-acceptance. We will define these concepts and explore the value of achieving them as part of your journey after breast cancer.
  • Life-changing events. Karen shares personal and professional insights and practices to help you "go with" and "grow from" life's highs, lows and everything in between.


Registration is free and required. Sign up now.

Register to join us at no charge—then prepare to engage with Karen and your peers on a truly exciting and empowering exploration of you!

Things to know and do

  • Please share this event. All members of the survivor and metastatic breast cancer community are welcome to connect with us.
  • This engagements will held online via the Zoom platform. Connect via desktop, laptop or smartphone.
  • Once you register, you will receive a link for joining your community for this discussion. Remember to add it to your calendar.


About Karen Kaufman, MSOD

Karen Kaufman co-founded The Kaufman Partnership

with Donald Kaufman in 1985. Karen is an executive coach, consultant and keynote speaker specializing in executive presence. Using her company’s breakthrough methodology of Impression and Relationship Management, Karen creates an environment of trust and intimacy that supports clients in exploring and elevating their leadership capacity so that they can leverage their impact and produce extraordinary outcomes for their organizations. Karen’s coaching focus on organizational dynamics, executive presence and communication, and organizational transformation has assisted executives and emerging leaders in prominent non-profit cultural organizations, healthcare systems, academic institutions, and professional and financial services firms.

Karen was named one of the 50 Best Women in Business for 2003 and has been quoted as a nationally recognized expert by the Wall Street Journal in articles including "How To Look And Act Like A Leader", "How to Read a Room," and "The Curse of the Endlessly Rescheduled Meeting."  She has contributed to books on communication, women in partnership, the impact of appearance, and nursing leadership.

She has been an active supporter of Komen Philadelphia for over a decade and actively supports a number of charitable and professional organizations to fulfill her commitment to serving the communities in which she lives. Karen holds an M.S. in Organizational Dynamics from the University of Pennsylvania and a B.S. in Business Administration from Philadelphia University. Read more.


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