Esperanza Offers Hope for Young Latina Advocates

Esperanza 13 IMG_4576 copyTwo college students of “Esperanza: Hope for Generations” share the power of knowledge.

My Experience with Susan G. Komen – Gloriaclaudina C. Torres

Are you actually aware of breast cancer? I thought I was until I attended the Susan G. Komen Philadelphia breast cancer awareness training. I was mindful of deadly disease, and how important it is to raise awareness to help find a cure. However, I didn’t know the true meaning and importance behind it all until I started the Susan G. Komen program. I didn’t realize how much risk there is, how early you should get examined, or how men can also be a victim of breast cancer. This program expanded my knowledge of true awareness of breast cancer, and from the first day of training I became a walking advocate for breast cancer.

The Komen Philadelphia program put me to work with live interactions with people who wanted to know more about breast cancer. Who had question that I was able to answer, and gave them resources that they needed to get proper care.  It was an amazing feeling to know that I could potentially help save someone’s life. As mentioned in training, many women don’t know the main risk of breast cancer is being a woman. Therefore, how important it is to get breast examinations, mammograms, and knowing what’s normal for you to get diagnosed early. Knowing the facts about breast cancer can help anyone be one less death caused by breast cancer. The Komen Philadelphia program accomplished exactly what they intended to do, plant a seed of true awareness at Esperanza College.


Esperanza 1 copyBreast Cancer Awareness & My Experience with Susan G. Komen – Faith Best

Do you know what breast cancer is? And what you can do to be aware of it? Susan G. Komen says that “In a healthy body, natural systems control the creation, growth and death of cells. But when these systems malfunction, more cell growth than death can occur. The result is a mass of tissue we call a malignant tumor – or cancer. And when this process takes place in the breast, it’s breast cancer. Tumors in the breast tend to grow slowly; by the time a lump is large enough to feel, it may have been growing for as long as 10 years. Some tumors, however, are aggressive and grow much faster.” What can we do to be aware of breast cancer is know your risk, get screened, know what is normal for you and make healthy lifestyle choices. I took two information sessions before I was able to go out and share this information with the ladies. I had the opportunity to learn and share this information with women who were on the verge of getting screened.

The ladies took this information I gave them and got screened the same day. I enjoyed sharing the information with the ladies knowing this information will save their future health. Breast cancer is nothing to be afraid of; this may sound like a scary situation, but it is not. Women who are screened at an early stage of breast cancer are most likely to get saved from it than women who wait and wait until the breast cancer gets out of control. There is a large amount of women who are diagnosed with breast cancer every but they usually do not know a lot about it in terms of how it forms and the many ways it can be treated. Breast cancer is a very serious disease that shouldn’t be taken lightly; if it is left untreated it can spread to other organs and eventually kill you. Even if you do not have breast cancer, chances are that you know or will know someone who will get it. So it is imperative that people understand how breast cancer forms, know the stages of breast cancer, be familiar with who gets breast cancer and how you can possibly avert it – as well as to understand all of the different ways to treat the cancer and prevent it from coming back. 

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