A Young Survivor’s Message to Share

Rachel IMG_2236To My Friends, Family & Komen Philadelphia Community,

Please consider taking 2 minutes to read and share this message with the women in your life…

On this day (August 6) four years ago – on August 6, 2010 – I received a phone call at work telling me I had breast cancer …  just one week after turning 24.

I had skipped 2 years of screening due to every excuse in the book. “I’m too busy.” “I’m too young.” “I have no family history.” “It can’t happen to me”. Yet in those 2 years of hiding behind my excuses I had developed Stage 3 cancer that had already spread to my lymph nodes and was on the brink of becoming Stage 4. There is no guaranteed cure for Stage 4.

Please, don’t make the same mistakes I did that forced me into losing the rest of my “normal” 20s, my hair, my breasts, my energy, my friendships, my immune system and my peace. Schedule that appointment  you’ve been putting off today,  and become your own best advocate.

This day may have very well been marked in my memory – but I’ve been given the second chance to mark this day the way I wish to mark it. Please allow me to make the difference I’m determined to make by sharing this with a woman you love.


Rachel Toomey

Rachel has also made a difference in our community as a leader in our Big Pink Footprint initiative, channeling her experience, hope and knowledge to help other young women live full lives after breast cancer! Learn more.

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