Camden County Screening Project



Komen Philadelphia is proud to be wrapping up the second year of our Camden County Screening Project with inspiring results! The project,uniting Cooper University Hospital, Lourdes Health System and Virtua in an integrated breast health outreach program, has provided more than 725 free mammograms to Latina women in need over the past two years, and embraced thousands in critical outreach.

For the second year – from April 1, 2012 through March 31, 2013 – this pioneering project has empowered Latinas in Camden County to fight and survive breast cancer with critical early detection, awareness and education. The two-year total of results for the Camden County Screening Project (as of 3/13/13) include:

  • 727 free mammograms provided
  • 201 follow-up/diagnostic services provided
  • 6,890+ women educated through outreach
  • Nearly 700 women enrolled in the NJCEED program to help assure future mammograms


The project reached women in need throughout a five-zip code area, and included women with countries of origin including Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Puerto Rico and Venezuela.

“We are very pleased with both years of the project, and are confident it has not just saved lives today, but established foundations for more and more Latinas to take care of their breast health in the future,” said Elaine I. Grobman, CEO, Komen Philadelphia.  “The participating hospitals did an amazing job to work with Komen Philadelphia to assure we embraced Latina women from a number of cultures and neighborhoods, and made a lasting impact that will continue to save lives.”

Komen Philadelphia invested more than $217,000 in grant funding for this first-ever initiative aimed at increasing breast cancer awareness, education and mammograms among uninsured and underinsured Latinas in Camden County, NJ.

“This project is the epitome of our mission IN ACTION,” said Grobman. “None of it would be possible without our generous supporters; every one of them can take great pride in the lives we have saved and will continue to save through the education and awareness provided to women, their families, and the various organization and communities that support them.” 

Through the two years of the project, Cooper University Hospital, Lourdes Health System and Virtua each donated two-hundred free mammograms to eligible women. In addition, Cherry Hill-based Able Imaging & Women’s Center also donated two-hundred free mammograms, and South Jersey Radiology Associates provided its services for the reading of the mammograms performed at Virtua at no cost.

In addition to the mammogram screenings, education was a key component of the Project, as tremendous cultural barriers and myths about breast cancer continue to have a strong impact on breast health care within the Latina community. Outreach workers from the partnering hospitals continuously engaged in activities to interact with Latinas via faith communities, community centers, health fairs, and other appropriate outlets to make them aware of the importance of early detection, as well as services available for women in need. Women were given one-on-one referral assistance and, if eligible, were directed to one of the four screening sites for mammography and follow-up assessment. If an abnormality was discovered on the mammogram, the woman was assigned a caseworker for additional care.

In addition, Komen Philadelphia and our partners hosted our own free educational event in Camden, and participated in community events such as the San Juan Bautista Parade (pictured, bottom) to generate awareness for the Project.


Pictured (Top):  Dr. Generosa Grana, Director of the Cooper Cancer Institute; Elaine I Grobman, CEO, Komen Philadelphia;  Dr. Kathleen Greatreax, Chief of Radiology & Nuclear Medicine, Lourdes Health System;  Carmen Martinez, Executive Director, Puerto Rican Unity for Progress/Office of the Mayor, City of Camden;  Dr. Nicole Figueredo, Breast Surgeon, Virtua;  Dr. Locke Barber, Medical Director of the Medical Imaging Department, Able Imaging & Women’s Center;  Dr. Edward Petrella, South Jersey Radiology Associates.

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