Rally for the Cure

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Love sinking the winning putt… putting away the overhead… heading to the clubhouse for the victory celebration… celebrating the game-winning save… saving lives??

Of course you do! Which is why we are happy to embrace you in Rally for the Cure® — a unique opportunity created by Susan G. Komen that allows you to enjoy fabulous outings while empowering the breast cancer movement through awareness, education and fundraising.

Put another way, Rally for the Cure unites your passion for golf, tennis, and other activities with your passion for helping to create a world without breast cancer.



Being a Rally for the Cure ‘Ambassador’ can be as simple as holding a closest-to-the-tee drive at your favorite golf course, or hosting an all-day round-robin tennis tournament. The sky really is the limit in terms of what your Rally for the Cure event can be.

All you have to do is select the date and format, contact the Rally for the Cure team, and Rally for the Cure will provide you with all the materials you need – including a prize, participant gifts/favors, event decorations, and breast health awareness literature.

Get started today! Get more information at www.rallyforthecure.com.



Rally for the Cure is about more than just fundraising for the cause. By hosting a Rally for the Cure event, you make a commitment to educating your friends, family and community on the importance of early detection and breast health awareness.

Each year, approximately 2,500 Rally for the Cure events will be held across the country, and in 2010, about $7 million was raised for the cause through Rally events. Rally empowers people to join the fight against breast cancer, and each event can:

  • Help spread awareness about breast health and breast cancer
  • Benefit women in your club or community
  • Show your support for the cause
  • Connect you with other passionate people who share a common interest



Rally for the Cure is a grassroots program that works to spread awareness about breast health and breast cancer in support of Susan G. Komen through volunteered-organized golf, tennis and other social events.

Since 1996, Rally has enlisted over 35,000 volunteer Ambassadors to champion our cause in their community recruiting over two million people to take action in the fight against breast cancer. Rally for the Cure is proud to have contributed over $65 million and counting to Susan G. Komen to fund life-saving breast cancer research, education, screening and treatment programs. Our events start on the golf course and tennis court but their impact goes far beyond.

 Learn more, including how you can become a Rally for the Cure Ambassador at www.RallyfortheCure.com.


Pictured: Bear Trap Dunes in Delaware was a sea of pink, raising over $33,000 for Komen and embracing an entire community in awareness through Rally for the Cure! 

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